5 Tips to Reduce Stress


We are all moving at the speed of light. So much pressure, so many deadlines, just too much.  I have pondered for years on how to slow down, reduce, and simplify, but it keeps on going. Instead, here are my top ways to hit the pause button from my fast paced, stressed packed life. 


Number One: Detox Baths

Lush Bath Bomb in "Intergalactic" 

This is like being transported to a peppermint mermaid lagoon with micro flecks of glitter and swirling hues of blue, purple, pink, and yellow froth. Other days I might just opt for some Epsom Salts and essential oils to keep it budget friendly and simple.  

Number Two: Tunes

Music is the quickest way to alter my mood. It can depress me, motivate me, energize me, improve my run pace, and on and on. Finding the right music can get you to focus and destress as well. Personally, I listen to Classical and Electronica House when I am trying to unclench but still be able to work. I tend to gravitate to anything and everything cello, so that is what I plug in to my Pandora App.

Number Three: Meditation

I have only just begun my journey in meditation, but so far I have found it to be extremely beneficial. It can lower my heart rate by 10 bpm in just 15 minutes. Starting out, I have used the app called Headspace. It provides an introduction in to how to use meditation and retrain your brain and focus on breathing. I find the author's voice very soothing as well and can listen for hours if I could. 

I have found that spending the time to meditate before bed improves my sleep and then again at any point in my day where I find I have tensed up and am headed towards a stress headache. 

Number Four: Eating well and slowly 

Clover Greek Yogurt with homemade BuckWheat Berry Granola topped with fresh Blackberries and Raspberries.

When I eat a balanced diet, my body can handle stress better and I don't get as much indigestion. Plus my skin is better, my thoughts are clearer and I sleep better! 

Number Five: Cuddle with a pet

Pets are proven to lower stress, improve the sense of positivity, strengthen your immune system, and they are just so darn cute and funny. 

Sometimes stress is unavoidable, but take the time to think your stresses through and evaluate if there is a way to reduce them or get rid of them all together. After all, life is short and we should make it the best that we can. 


What are your favorite ways to unwind?