Amanda Officially

How do you start a description of yourself? Should I be to the point? Californian Female. Too vague? Five foot six inches of brunette spunk, spice and vinegar who takes way too many pictures of food, is far too obsessed with shoes, and who is border lining on crazy pet lady. Ok, that might be too much detail now. 

Let's try again.

Forever a California girl, I am always in search of water, surf, sand and amazing food. I like to bring practicality and aesthetics toghether to an equilibrium. Come along with me on my adventures and I will share my joys, life lessons, and advice with you. 

Let's talk about my mission statement: aesthetics balanced with function. Have you ever owned a pair of shoes that were so beautiful, you could barely believe they were real? Ok, now were they comfortable? Or did you want to kill someone after wearing them for five minutes? That is looks (form) over function. Or how about those crocks that people swear are the most comfy footwear ever? I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but they aren't that cute. Comfort (or function) over form. Instead, I want a gorgeous pair of shoes I can wear all day and not have a bloody stump for a foot. That is aesthetics and function in harmony, and that is the goal. Not just in shoes, but in as many of life aspects as possible. Travel, Home, Food, you name it. 

I am so glad you stopped by, and I hope you become a regular. 


Founded: 2017